Harness Your Data to Improve Reporting and Customer Communication

You have all the information you need to start outperforming your pest control competitors, but are you using it correctly?

Even pest control companies that have meticulous records, service details and raw data are at a huge disadvantage if they’re not doing all they can to make this information...

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Commercial Technicians: Improve Efficiency and Retain Them for the Long Haul

Recruitment and technician retention are two of the biggest challenges pest control companies face, and with good reason -- finding great, reliable technicians can be a challenge regardless of industry, but the recent job surplus has given great employees in the field plenty of opportunities to...

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3 Ways to Use Technology to Transform Commercial Pest Control

It’s a well-known fact that for most pest control companies, the commercial facilities they treat are their most important contracts, with single deals often accounting for thousands of dollars in annual revenue. Unlike private residences that generally get treatments scheduled every month,...

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PestRoutes Expands into Commercial Pest Control Services

PestRoutes expands field operations software to equip pest control companies delivering commercial and residential services

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Close the Deal with New Customers

Even when a potential pest control customer seems like they’re on board with receiving your services, are they really on board if they haven’t signed an agreement? Of course not.

Make sure your you must have a plan in place to make sure the people who inquire about your services become actual...

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8 Tips to Keep Your Customers for More Than a Season

The busy season is here. And like most pest control companies, you're spending time, money, and effort selling new services and marketing to new customers. That’s growth. Yet, one of the biggest opportunities for growth is right in front of you-your existing customers.

They already trust you....

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The Secret to your Success: Keeping Top Technicians

It’s no secret that any pest control business would be up a creek without good technicians. One of the most frustrating parts of operating a pest control business is losing your best ones with little or no warning.

Building a strong team of technicians doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a...

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Removing Roadblocks to Technician Retention

Have you ever lost a great technician without any warning?

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The Key to More Productive Technicians: Mobile Technology

We all operate from that little piece of glass. It’s the critical component to getting the most out of your technicians.

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Have A Great Tech Team? Here’s How to Keep Them

Growing your pest control company starts and ends with a strong team of technicians. Without this, even the best sales efforts will fall shorty. When you consider that the cost to replace an employee equates to about 16-20% of that employee’s salary, it literally pays to do everything you can to...

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