Turn Prospects Into Customers By Nurturing Your Leads

Once you have a lead, it can be tempting to move them into “won” and “lost” columns after your initial interaction. But this is a huge mistake! Even when potential customers aren’t ready to schedule services with you right away, they may be in a position to do so in a few weeks or months.


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The key to more customers: A great pest control website

We’ve examined at pest control services websites for businesses from coast to coast, and have seen it all. There’s been slick SEO, awesome blogs, innovative design, terrible navigation, and even forehead-smacking typos. While there are some common mistakes that can keep websites from doing the...

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Want More Leads? Get Social.

Branding and promoting businesses and engaging with potential customers via social media has become a critical marketing component across industries. And it can be an incredibly successful part of your lead generation efforts.

Did you know the average American spends just over two hours on...

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Diversify Your Pest Control Marketing Strategies To Get More Leads

When you’re working on a plan to generate more leads for your company you’ll be faced with deciding how to divide your strategies between inbound and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing strategies are those that earn interest and interaction. These include blogging, social media, and referrals.

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Pest Control Competitive Advantage: Smart Lead Gen Strategies

Your pest control company’s growth will never gain traction without a strong lead generation strategy. When you generate leads, you’re attracting potential customers to your pest control company providing yourself an opportunity to win their business.

The stronger your lead generation game is,...

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Grateful, Thankful, and Hopeful

As 2018 draws to a close, I'm reflecting on the amazing year we've had as a company. To look forward, you have to look back, and that starts with our founder, Jared Green. Since 2007, Jared's vision for simplifying mundane tasks and automating things that take too much time inspires everything we...

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Turn Unhappy Customers into Your Advocates

Unhappy customers are a part of life for any business, but they can also be a valuable resource. Every unhappy customer presents an opportunity for you to address the situation and convert them from someone having a problem to a loyal brand ambassador.

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5 Strategies to Keep Your Customers

Training is a core part of your pest control business. You train your employees to provide excellent, professional service and you train yourself to operate your pest control business as efficiently and effectively possible. But are you training your customers? It’s an unexpected way to improve...

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Why Customers Leave … And How to Stop Them

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any pest control business. We rely on these customers to make up a large portion of our annual sales. We depend on them to remain a steady force when planning for growth.

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Customer Retention Strategies that Work

Your marketing efforts are probably focused heavily on attracting new customers to your business. Growth isn’t possible without a healthy stream of new customers, but it’s also not possible without the repeat business of loyal customers.

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