I’m one of you. An entrepreneur. A developer (the kind that loves to code). And someone who is obsessed with eliminating the mundane tasks we spend most of our days doing. The ones that prevent us from doing the things that make the biggest impact in our businesses -- and in life. While managing a pest control sales team, I was surrounded by so many tasks that were inefficient, error-prone, and just plain miserable. That’s why I started PestRoutes. This blog is a way for us to share best practices, provide insights, industry trends, and tips and tricks that matter to you and to your clients.


- Jared Green, CEO

Sentricon Integration Press Release

PestRoutes, a leading provider of software for pest control companies, announced a collaboration with Dow AgroSciences to integrate Sentricon® web services. This collaboration will open the door for pest control companies who work with Sentricon® to utilize PestRoutes' simple, mobile, and...

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PestRoutes Takes Growth Equity Investment to Innovate and Scale

Capital from Mainsail Partners will be used to accelerate product development and enhance customer service

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Why Pest Control Business Owners Should Build Relationships With Local Real Estate Agents

For anyone who has a pest control business, keeping current customers and bringing in new ones are both very important. But what are the best ways to do that? Quality service and good prices can help, naturally. So can the proper amounts of advertising. All of that makes a difference, but these... Read more

What is Route Optimization?

Everyone has heard the old adage, "Work smart, not hard." Route optimization is a textbook case in point. Route optimization can not only help you eliminate 100's of hours of drive time and thousands of gallons of gas, it can even allow you to service 1-2 extra stops a day for each technician....

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Hiring new employees

Your number one asset as a company has and always will be your people. Your ability to attract and keep great talent will be the difference between being a 'small-time' one-man show, and being able to grow your company successfully. It will also have a direct impact on your sanity as a business... Read more

5 Habits of Highly Effective door-to-door Salesmen

After selling pest control door-to-door for 5 years, and managing a team of sales reps, I have recognized some common characteristics of sales reps who do well vs those who struggle. Here are 5 habits of highly effective sales reps, that I believe help them be most effective.

1. Positive...

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5 Steps to Dealing With Unhappy Customers

Studies have shown that it is better to retain ONE customer than to gain THREE new customers. By increasing your customer retention, your pest control business will be more profitable and sustain greater long term growth.


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Pest Control Contracts -- or No Contracts?

One of the questions I see pop up very frequently is whether or not pest control companies should require annual agreements or just go month-to-month. Initially I was skittish about pushing an agreement, now I feel like they are in everyone’s best interest. You are doing yourself and your... Read more

What is Paper Costing Your Pest Control Office?

Running a pest control office has MANY expenses. Payroll, chemical costs, and equipment are all major factors affecting your bottom line, but the cost of paper is often overlooked. Most companies are SHOCKED to see what they are really spending on paper costs. It is estimated that a 5% decrease... Read more

Paper Doesn't Just Cost Money

The costs of paper extends far beyond just dollars and cents. Employee satisfaction, data security, managing storage, and clutter are all expenses to consider. Going paperless is the best thing you can do for your pest control office right now!

New Point

I’ve been in pest control for years....

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