Provide convenience and get paid faster

The easier you make it for your customers to pay you, the faster and sooner you’ll get paid.

The truth of the matter is that many customers pay late or don’t pay at all – because it isn’t convenient for them. I pay every bill I get, but if I have to come up with cash or put a check in the mail – it may be a while before you see your money! Also, the experience your customers have with collections has a direct and lasting impact on how customers perceive your professionalism and value.

In this digital age, consumers have grown accustomed to quick payment tools. Customers are savvy and will often choose vendors that give them the best experiences in activities like billing. Traditional payment methods are growing less common in favor of smart and convenient collection processes.

  • 82% of consumers visit websites to pay their bills
  • Debit or credit cards are the preferred payment method for 77 percent of customers
  • Auto pay reduces AR by 34 days

 Auto pay allows customers more options to pay their accounts through methods that they already use to pay most of their other bills. Electronic payments are increasingly the preferred payment source. And most consumers today subscribe and go paperless with auto-pay options.

 Auto pay is more convenient for both customers and you. It's a win-win for the industry. Many PestRoutes clients have auto pay rates between 80-90%, and that means collecting more money, sooner! 

Empower your Staff

By providing convenient ways for your sales team, technicians, customer service reps, and even your customers to store a credit card and enroll in auto pay, you will see an increase in Auto Pay percentages, payment speed, collections percentage, and retention.

Online bill pay directly impacts customer satisfaction

  • 46% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 25% increase in customer loyalty

Keep your current customers happy and create more fans

PestRoutes makes it easy. We have innovative tools to increase your auto pay percentage. By allowing your sales reps and technicians to collect card info from our apps, your customers can enroll right when they sign up as well as on every service they receive. PestRoutes also has an easy-to-use customer portal that allows customers to join themselves. Automated alerts notify customer service reps about customers who do not have a card on file every time an account is viewed, prompting your team always to remember to ask for a card.

Empower your office staff to enroll customers in auto pay every time they call, and reward them with referral bonuses, making them feel good about being a part of the success of the business and improving their productivity.

About PestRoutes

PestRoutes is a complete, end-to-end office management software specifically designed for pest control companies. PestRoutes takes your office to the Cloud with:

  • Completely Paperless Solutions
  • iPad, iPhone, and Android Apps
  • Intelligent Routing and Route Optimization
  • Automatic SMS, Email, and Voice Reminders
  • Self Sign Up for new Customers
  • Online Reviews / Reputation Management
  • Painless Billing and Collections
  • Online Customer Portals

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