Integrated Payment Processing

Available for NEW PestRoutes Customers

With fully integrated payment processing through the PestRoutes® platform, manual processes are eliminated by providing a complete end-to-end software for managing your pest control operations.

Through PestRoutes integrated payments, you can:

  • Securely store customer payment information

  • Easily find a customer and process their payment when the service is complete

  • Send reminders to customers to make a payment

  • Easily see that a customer has not paid for a previous service while scheduling upcoming services

  • Process payments on the go through the mobile app or on the website

  • Easily store multiple payment methods under each customer

Increase Your Bottom Line

Has You Covered

Full integration

PestRoutes’ payments solutions are fully integrated into the PestRoutes platform with mobile payment processing, important notifications, payment reminders, and more.



Go to the next step in eliminating manual processes in your business and help your business grow without increased operating costs such as auto-updating lost or stolen credit cards, eliminating the need to reach out to customers for updated information.


Detailed Reporting

Data and statistics related to your sales, disputes, merchants/users, and transaction information from your account are automatically compiled. A wide range of reports are available from a Profit & Loss Statement to Dispute Details.


Quick Implementation

Get signed up and processing payments quickly. The application takes less than 10 minutes to complete.


Dedicated U.S. Support Team

Know that you’re going to reach a live, PestRoutes customer service representative with the solutions you need when you have a question or need assistance.


Simple Pricing

There’s no guessing or surprises with an easy to understand rate.


Data Vault

Maintain your customers’ trust knowing their payment information is securely stored according to PCI standards.


Innovative Mindset

PestRoutes is committed to continuously advancing the integrated payments solution and will be releasing new features in the future.

PestRoutes Payments

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